was created in 1873 and organized in 1880. It was named for Captain Nelson Miner of Vermillion and Ephriam Miner of Yankton, both of whom were members of the Territorial Legislature in 1873. Captain Miner is credited with assembling the first company of Dakota Territory Militia on January 27, 1862 in Yankton after the US troops stationed here were pulled out to fight in the Civil War.  In 1880 Territorial Governor Ordway named three Commissioners. Forestburg and Howard were contending for the county seat. Howard's victory was said to be due to the large number of graders from out of state working on the railroad. Following a legal battle with citizens from Forestburg, the records were delivered to Howard.

Area: 570 sq. mi. 
Population: 2,389 
Seat: Howard

Contact Information

Auditor: Susan Connor, P.O. Box 86, Howard, SD 57349, 605-772-4671,
Treasurer: Debra Eggert, P.O. Box 426, Howard, SD 57349, 605-772-4652,
Reg. of Deeds: Karla Neises, P.O. Box 546, Howard, SD 57349, 605-772-5621,
Commissioners: Roger Wentland, Alex Protsch, Lavonne Durant, Garrett Gassman, Tom Reisch
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Miner County
(North Main & Park Ave.)
Howard, SD 57349
(605) 772-4671

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