May 15, 2012

May 15, 2012

            The Miner County Board of Commissioners met in regular session May 15, 2012, in the Miner County Courthouse.  Members present:  Pat Maroney, Heath Thompson, Don Bowman, Voni Durant and Roger Wentland.  Absent:  none.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.   Chairman Thompson called the meeting to order.

            Motion by Wentland, seconded by Maroney and carried to approve the agenda.  The minutes of the May 1st meeting were approved.  The Auditor’s account with the County Treasurer showed a May 1st balance of $5,470,712.00 in all state, county, civil, school, and trust accounts.

            Zoning Administrator Kay Hageman presented the following plat for consideration.  Motion by Maroney, seconded by Bowman and carried to approve the plat described as LOT A, B, C OF ELEVATOR ADDITION IN SE ¼ OF SECTION 3-T-106N-R56W OF THE 5TH P.M., MINER COUNTY, SOUTH DAKOTA prepared by Nathan W. Nielson, a duly licensed Land Surveyor in and for the State of South Dakota.

            Welfare Director Gibi Page presented the following poor relief cases for consideration.  Motion by Durant, seconded by Wentland and carried to approve payment, $3402.62, to Sanford Medical Center for emergency services rendered to applicant 12-01.  Motion by Maroney, seconded by Bowman and carried to approve payment, $175.87, to Howard City for electrical services for applicant 12-07.  Motion by Bowman, seconded by Wentland to deny application 12-08 due to non emergency status and lack of application to determine residency and eligibility. 

                It was moved by Maroney, seconded by Durant, and carried to approve the retail on-off sale malt beverage license applications of Harms Oil Company (Jake’s Corner) for Tract A of Bessman’s First Addition NW ¼ Section 12-106-55 Clearwater Township, and Sandy Scheuren (Coonhunter Inn) for Lot 1 of Lot 3 SW ¼ Section 34-105-57, Rock Creek Township to operate outside of a municipality for the 2012-2013 licensing period.

                Ambulance Manager Cora Schwader joined the meeting.  Discussion of the Personnel Policy took place.  Commissioners acknowledged that those ambulance volunteers who take on call hours and work for businesses within the community do receive compensation from their full time employment and also from the county when taking those on call hours.  Therefore, the motion was made by Maroney seconded by Durant and carried to revert the personnel policy 6.2.12 Volunteer Police, Fire, or Ambulance Work to the previous (2011) wording:  Appointed and Regular full-time employees are not required to take leave for volunteer police, fire or ambulance work during scheduled working hours.  An hourly employee who is on duty when called to do such work will be paid at the regular rate for the hours that would have been worked. 

                Motion by Durant, seconded by Bowman and carried to pay Sheriff Lanny Klinkhammer for those volunteer ambulance shifts in January, February and March that he was not compensated for due to the previous volunteer policy adopted in January 2012.  Commissioner Maroney advised Schwader to look into the possibility of creating an Ambulance District to help pay for the added costs of operating the ambulance service.  Higher wages, equipment and maintenance costs will continue to increase future budgets.

                The proposal from Midwest Boiler was considered for the repair of the courthouse boiler.  Motion by Bowman, seconded by Wentland and carried to sign the proposal with Midwest Boiler all labor, materials, mileage, subsistence, and applicable taxes not to exceed $9850.00.

                Highway Superintendent Ron Krempges requested the purchase of 2 pickups for the highway department.  Motion by Wentland, seconded by Durant and carried to purchase a 2012 Chevy 1 Ton pickup off the State of SD bid, $23,076.  Motion by Bowman, seconded by Maroney and carried to purchase a 2012 Dodge 4-Door ¾ Ton pickup off the State of SD bid $24,490. 

                Krempges requested a level raise for employee David Laible.  Motion by Wentland, seconded by Durant and carried to grant the level increase from level 1 to level 2 to David Laible.  Krempges also reported on flood damage that occurred on May 5th and 6th.  Clearwater Township has made a request to replace a box culvert within the township.  More information will be available after the flood damage reports have been reviewed.  Krempges is in the process of organizing a county auction of surplus property.

                Howard City Mayor Andrew Dold reviewed plans for the upgrade of the tennis and basketball courts located west of the courthouse.  The city would like to have permission to place a gravel parking lot beside the courts.  Commissioners voiced concern as to the aesthetics of such a parking lot.   They would like to wait on construction until the usages of the courts necessitate a parking lot.  Dold agreed with the commission. 

                CLAIMS:  City of Howard $175.87, Sanford Medical Center $3402.62 Poor Relief; Juror Fees $586.24; Election Systems & Software $390.53, Office Peeps $1578.50, Dust-Tex Service $113.48, Rusty’s Food Store $247.53, Tom’s Hardware Hank $127.24, Cargo Glide $799, Sturdevant’s Auto $267.75, Mike Clary $68.89, A-OX Welding Supply $45.32, Maria Feldhaus $86.56, Howard Cold Storage $58.51, Butler Machinery $96.79, Carrot Top Industries $54.62, Ethan Coop Lumber $50.40, Howard Farmers Coop $8.19, James River Equipment $89.95, Kimball Midwest $142.41, Lyle Signs $2102.50, Mac’s $83.35, Safety Kleen $150.44, Wheelco Brake $16.45 supplies; Alliance Communications $772.78 Telephone; Susan Connor $215.66, Debra Eggert $178.44, Lanny Klinkhammer $244.54, Cora Schwader $151.44 Travel; Miner County Treasurer $129.18 Postage; City of Howard $1351.34 Utilities; Howard Farmers Coop $8548.97, Butler Machinery $121.86 Fuel; C & R Supply $1218.72, Butler Machinery $483.50, Dan’s Heating & Cooling $4628.50, Howard Farmers Coop $101.64, Office Peeps $238.76, Al’s Service $66.57, Howard Auto Clinic $183.65,  Repairs; Interlakes Community Action $512.90 Community Action payment, Ericsson & Giles $164, Yankton County $103.75 Mental Illness Hearing Exp.; Miner County Conservation District $7000, Grant; Aramark Uniform $45.43 Rent; Alliance Communications $300.00 911 Charges; Dakotagas Propane $117, Miner County Pioneer $56 Disaster Drill; Ultra $1509 computer. 

                The meeting adjourned to Thursday, June 7th.  Dated this 15th day of May, 2012.

                                                            Heath A. Thompson, Chairman

                                                            Miner County Board of Commissioners

Attest:  Susan R. Connor, Miner County Auditor



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