March 4, 2014

March 4, 2014

                The Miner County Board of Commissioners met in regular session March 4, 2014, in the Miner County Courthouse.  Members present:  Garrett Gassman, Roger Wentland, Don Bowman and Alex Protsch.  Absent:  Voni Durant, none.  Chairman Wentland called the meeting to order.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

                The Auditor’s account with the County Treasurer showed a February 28, 2014 balance of $4,193,257.84 in all state, county, civil, school, and trust accounts.

Motion by Bowman, seconded by Protsch and carried to approve the agenda as amended.

                The minutes of the February 18th were approved. 

                Welfare Director Gibi Page presented the updated Economic Assistance Policy.  Changes to the policy clarifies #6.  Cost Allowed for Personal Items and #7 Heating Assistance policy.    Motion by Protsch, seconded by Gassman and carried to adopt the Economic Assistance Policy to reflect the above mentioned changes.  The policy is   available for public view in the Welfare office. 

                Commissioners appointed Roger Wentland and Robert Calmus as designees to request assistance from the South Dakota Department of Agriculture Wildland Fire Division.

                The board reviewed the Emergency Management Administrative Plan that was presented by the SD Department of Public Safety.  Motion by Bowman and seconded by Gassman to adopt the following resolution.


WHEREAS, the laws of South Dakota (SDCL 34-48A) provide that each political subdivision of the State is authorized and directed to establish a local Office of Emergency Management; and

WHEREAS, the County of Miner recognizes such delegation of authority as outlined in state statutes and further recognizes that it is their responsibility in the event of a disaster, either man-made or natural, to protect the life, property, and environment of Miner County residents and further to minimize human suffering and restore the economy and productivity of Miner County following a disaster;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Miner County hereby agrees to maintain a County Office of Emergency Management and appoint an Emergency Manager.  Said Emergency Manager shall meet the qualifications designed by the County Personnel Resolution and shall be responsible to the Board of County Commissioners.  The County Emergency Manager shall make program reports to the County Commissioners as directed, but not less than quarterly.  The County Emergency Manager shall prepare and submit a comprehensive budget for the County Commissioners approval.  The headquarters and office of record of the County Office of Emergency Management shall be located in Miner County, City of Howard, South Dakota.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that this resolution is necessary in the public interest and is hereby adopted and approved by the Miner County Commissioners on this 4th day of March, 2014.

                Voting aye:  Bowman, Gassman, Protsch and Wentland.  Voting nay none.

                                                                Roger Wentland, Chairman

                                                                Miner County Board of Commissioners

Attest:  Susan Connor, Miner County Auditor

                Motion by Gassman and seconded by Bowman to adopt the following resolution.


                WHEREAS, insufficient appropriation was made in the 2014 adopted budget for the following department to discharge just obligations of said appropriations; and

WHEREAS, SDCL 7-21-32.2 provides that transfers may be made by resolution of the board from the contingency appropriation established pursuant to SDCL 7-21-6.1 to other appropriations;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the appropriation be transferred from contingency to Poor Relief $10,000.00.

Voting aye:  Protsch, Gassman, Bowman, and Wentland.  Voting nay:  none.  

                Resolution approved this 4th day of March, 2014.

                                                                                Roger Wentland, Chairman

                                                                                Miner County Board of Commissioners

Attest:  Susan Connor, Miner County Auditor


                Tim Neises representing the Miner County Rural Fire Protection District #1, Andrew Dold from the City of Howard and Emergency Management Director Bob Calmus joined the meeting to discuss information pertaining to the rural fire district.  David Hattervig was also present for the discussion.  The district is concerned as to the costs of updating equipment and requests for use of that equipment outside the rural fire protection district.  This topic was discussed at a meeting with all fire departments within Miner County, city and township officials.  The group is working towards a solution to increase revenues to ensure adequate and fair coverage in Miner County.  One solution that is being researched is expanding or creating a new more encompassing rural fire district.  Commissioners appreciated the rural fire district’s update. 

                Ron Miller representing the Canova Summer Youth Recreation, Jerry Adler of the Miner County Recreation Association and David Hattervig of the City of Carthage met with the commission to request recreation grants to support programs within their areas.  Adler explained that the Miner County Recreation Association assists recreation programs throughout Miner County supplying funding for various programs throughout the county.  Both Hattervig and Miller stated their associations would be willing to accept any support that would be granted.  Motion by Protsch, seconded by Gassman and carried to grant $1500 to the Miner County Recreation Association, $1500 to the Canova Summer Youth Recreation, and $1000 to the Carthage group.

                Highway Superintendent Ron Krempges informed the board that Logan Calmus and Tom Glanzer have been offered the highway worker positions.  Krempges also reviewed repairs made to equipment, budgeting plans and other highway matters.

                Commissioners were informed that the agent who offered Assurity products to county employees is no longer available to service future employee hires.  Therefore, it was requested that the county no longer offer this as a payroll deduction.  Motion by Bowman, seconded by Gassman and carried to discontinue offering Assurity products through payroll deduction.

                Auditor Susan Connor informed the commission that the Department of Legislative Audit is currently on site preparing the biannual audit.  Connor also presented the 2013 financial annual report that has been published and submitted to the SD Department of Legislative Audit per SDCL requirements.

                The commission recessed until 1:00. 

                The meeting was reconvened at 1:00 to attend the GIS informational meeting presented by First District of Local Governments.  Those in attendance included Director of Equalization Tami Severson, Emergency Management Director Robert Calmus, Register of Deeds Karla Neises, Auditor Susan Connor, Deputy Auditor Rebecca Mommaerts, Highway Superintendent Ron Krempges, and commissioners Protsch, Bowman, Wentland and Gassman.  Individuals learned how GIS would benefit their various departments.  First District will provide a quote for costs associated with implementing GIS for county use.   

              Claims allowed: Road & Bridge $28,505.07, Wellmark $28,551.72, Reliance $1,218.14, Retirement $4,596.99, OASI $6,938.76, Commissioners $3,824.00, Auditor $6,058.75, Treasurer $6,107.00, States Attorney $3,563.75, Govt Building $2,823.87, Director of Equalization $4,486.75, Register of Deeds $5,222.29, Vet Service $770.50, Sheriff $9,998.25, Contract Law $3,260.00, Welfare $357.00, Co Nurse $1,944.64, Ambulance $7,411.41, WIC $65.92, Extension $1,362.44, Weed $986.64, Dispatch $8,162.06, Emergency Mgt $2,341.50;  Century Link $108.87 911 charges; National Sheriff’s Assn $54.00 dues; Butler Machinery $816.28 fuel; Northwestern Energy $1865.67 gas service; SD Public Assurance Alliance $423.00 insurance; SD Assn Co Commissioners $1,009.08 legal exp relief fund; Shepherd Reporting Service $15.00 mental illness hearing expense; Ultieg $2,795.00 misc. service; SD Office of Attorney General $10.00 other exp; SD Assn Co Commissioners $819.00 poor relief cat. poor fund; Miner Co Treasurer $116.30 postage; Miner County Pioneer $192.26 publishing; Aramark Uniform Services $53.90 rent; Bob’s Electric $647.65, Butler Machinery $15,181.40, Dan’s Heating & Cooling $255.10, Mobile Electronic Service $159.13, Prostrollo Auto Mall $165.00, SDN Communications $6,509.00, Sioux Falls Two Way Radio $711.44, Van’s Auto Electric $225.00 repairs; Mac’s Inc. $45.65 road materials; Canova-Epiphany Senior Citizens $342.00 senior citizens grants; Avera Home Medical Equipment $52.00, Butler Machinery $9,747.30, Central Business Supply $69.98, Chief $10.49, GCR Tire Centers $368.80, Homestead Building Supply $54.58, Kimball Midwest $244.18, Mac’s Inc. $12.38, Mcleod’s Printing $182.91, Menards $467.00, Miner County Pioneer $44.36, Miner Co Treasurer $54.60, Neve’s Uniforms $219.95, Northern Truck Equipment $115.70, Office Peeps $126.79, Prostrollo Auto Mall $253.25, Rafferty-Robbins $1.49, Runnings Farm & Fleet $59.99, Tom’s Hardware $52.35 supplies; Alliance Communications $1461.55, AT&T $57.41 telephone; Wallace Jacobson $111.74, SD Assn Co Commissioners $400.00, Tami Severson $9.00 travel; City of Howard $1140.77 utilities.

The meeting adjourned to March 18th.  Dated this 4th day of March, 2014.

                                                                                                                Roger Wentland, Chairman

                                                                                                                Miner County Board of Commissioners

Attest:  Susan Connor, Miner County Auditor



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