November 15, 2022

November 15, 2022

            The Miner County Board of Commissioners met in regular session on November 15, 2022 in the Miner County Courthouse Commission room.  Members present:  Alex Protsch, Tom Reisch, Kari Jo Carlson, Kathy Faber and Joe Bechen.  Absent:  none.  Tami Severson, Brittany Yanish, Jessica Charles, Kent Terwilliger, Darcy Laible, and Becki Mommaerts were also present for portions of the meeting.  The flag pledge was recited.   Motion by Faber, seconded by Carlson and carried to approve the agenda.

            The minutes from the November 1st meeting were approved.

            The board acknowledge receipt of the following correspondence:  Veteran Services Officer October Report; Revised Nutrient Mgt. Plan-Shannon Hutterian Brethren.

            No persons appeared for Public Comment.

            It was moved by Reisch, seconded by Carlson and carried to authorize the auditor to pay the following claims:  Alliance $150.00, Santel $55.12, Triotel $171.53 911 CHARGES; ICAP $701.92 COMMUNITY ACTION PAYMENT; PCI Roads $45,517.75, Rechnagel Construction $91,500.00 CONTRACTED MAINTENANCE; SDAE4-HP $120.00 DUES; Central Electric Coop $135.53, Xcel Energy $19.29 ELECTRICITY; Cardmember Services $798.72, Cora Schwader $521.71, SD Continuing Education $500.00 EQUIPMENT; Cardmember Services $97.14, HFCA $26,814.23, Sturdevant’s $47.94 FUEL; Mason Burns $135.00 IN SERVICE EDUCATION; Charles Mix Co Sheriff $1,050.00, Lake Co Sheriff $1,790.00 PRISONER CARE; Lewis Drug $70.45 PRISONER MEDICAL; Miner County Pioneer $1,023.67 PUBLISHING; Dust-Tex Service $133.24, Microfilm Imaging $385.00 RENT; Dakota Tube & Iron $320.00, Howard Auto Clinic $156.00, HFCA $40.00, Microfilm Imaging $175.00, Office Peeps $320.82, Ultra $1,630.75, Wingen’s $120.00 REPAIRS; Ron Ecklein $37,500.00, Homestead Building Supply $321.54, Spencer Quarries $1,197.28 ROAD MATERIALS; Relx $149.00 SUBSCRIPTION; All States Ag Parts $50.00, Butler Machinery $515.84, Dust-Tex Service $186.42, Home Service Water Conditioning $34.00, HFCA $2,275.00, IState Truck Center $806.34, Matheson $32.85, Miedema Sanitation $150.00, Office Peeps $758.22, Pomp’s Tire Service $1,041.60, Puthoff Repair $235.49, Rusty’s $426.91, Shane’s Hardware $402.27, SD Federal Property Agency $49.00, Sturdevant’s $957.35, Thomson-Reuters $132.90, Transource $373.80, Ultra $81.30, Vander Haag’s $221.00, Wheelco $446.59, Wingen’s Garage $148.00 SUPPLIES; Alliance $955.60 TELEPHONE; HFCA $26.67, Brandon Jacobson $7.65, Ron Krempges $56.00, Ramkota Hotel $101.00, Kent Terwilliger $40.00 TRAVEL.

            The 2023 renewal plans for employee health, dental, vision and life were presented to the board for their consideration.  It was moved by Faber, seconded by Carlson and carried to continue employee dental coverage through Delta Dental.  Health, vision & life coverage will be decided at the December 6th meeting.

            Highway Superintendent Krempges presented information on the completion of the bridge rehab project located north of Carthage.  It was moved by Bechen, seconded by Reisch and carried to authorize Chairman Protsch to sign Ulteig’s change order (decrease in contracted price) and the application for payment to PCI Roads.  Other matters discussed included equipment purchases, graveling, mowing completed and sand/salt stock pile. 

            Krempges presented the townships applications for assistance with the Small Structures program.  The board instructed Krempges to create a uniform cover sheet for the applications so that each item is presented in the same manner.  The board will revisit these applications at its December 6th meeting. 

            It was moved by Reisch and seconded by Bechen to rescind the resolution made on October 18th which enacted the burn ban within the unincorporated portions of Miner County.  Voting aye:  Reisch, Bechen, Faber & Protsch.  Voting nay:  Carlson.  Motion carried.

            Brad Preheim with the Vermillion Basin Water Development District and Jay Gilbertson executive director of the East Dakota Water Development District joined the meeting to inform the commission of the outcome of the election held in McCook County.  McCook County voters approved joining the Vermillion Basin WDD paving the way to redraw the lines between the East Dakota and Vermillion districts.  Miner County is currently included in the East Dakota WDD and was in agreement to transfer into the Vermillion WDD.  If approved in the legislature the Vermillion WDD will include Kingsbury, McCook, Turner, Clay and the east half of Miner counties.  A special election may need to be held to elect a board of directors after July 1st.  Preheim and Gilbertson will remain in contact with the commission and the auditor’s office in regards to the progress of this process.

            Severson reported the fire alarm at the hotel has been installed.  She also reported on other repairs that were needed to the air handler in the building.  She will work with local contractors to get these repairs completed. 

            Severson presented the following plat for consideration.  It was moved by Faber and seconded by Carlson to adopt the following resolution. 


            BE IT RESOLVED that the Plat of TRACTS 1A AND 1B OF GASSMAN’S ADDITION IN THE NORTH HALF OF THE NORTHWEST QUARTER OF SECTION 24, TOWNSHIP 105 NORTH, RANGE 56 WEST OF THE 5TH P.M., MINER COUNTY, SOUTH DAKOTA as described appears to conform to the system of roads, existing plats, and section lines of Miner County and that adequate provisions have been made for access to adjacent unplatted lands and that all provisions of Miner County Subdivision Regulations have been complied with.  Furthermore, all taxes and special assessments upon the Tract or subdivision have been paid and that the plat and the survey thereof have been lawfully executed.  Said plat is approved and accepted and the Chairman is hereby instructed to endorse on such plat this resolution and to certify the same.  Voting aye:  Reisch, Carlson, Bechen, Faber and Protsch.  Nay: none.

                                                                                                Alex Protsch, Chairman

                                                                                                Miner County Board of Commissioners

Attest:  Susan Connor, Miner County Auditor


            It was moved by Faber and seconded by Reisch to approve the following resolution.


            WHEREAS, insufficient appropriation was made in the 2022 budget for the following departments to discharge just obligation of said appropriation; and

            WHEREAS, SDCL 7-21-32.2 provides that transfers may be made by resolution of the board from the contingency appropriation established pursuant to SDCL 7-21-6.1 to other appropriations;

            THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the appropriation be transferred from contingency to the following departments:  Courthouse $16,500; Jail $3,000; Weed Dept. $2,100.

Voting aye:  Bechen, Reisch, Carlson, Faber and Protsch.  Voting nay:  none.  Resolution approved this 15th day of November 2022.

Alex Protsch, Chairman

                                                                                    Miner County Board of Commissioners

Attest:  Susan Connor, Miner County Auditor

            It was moved by Carlson, seconded by Faber and carried to authorize the auditor to make an operating transfer as provided for in the 2022 budget to the 911 fund, $52883.

            Director of Equalization Severson reported that further information is being researched on the SD Dept of Revenue’s request for Miner County GIS information.  This will be placed on the December 6th agenda.

            Emergency Management Director Kent Terwilliger was asked to join the meeting concerning the 1st District of Local Govts.’ Agreements for HazMat Plan and Pre-Disaster Mitigation Plan.  It was moved by Reisch, seconded by Carlson and carried to authorize the chairman to sign the agreements accepting assistance from 1st District in completing these plan updates. 

            It was moved by Carlson, seconded by Bechen to authorize Chairman Protsch to sign the Victim Witness Inter Governmental Agreement for 2023.

            Custodian Lori Kiehl informed the board that she had received a preliminary quote for replacement of fixtures in the men’s basement bathroom.  The quote was not detailed so therefore a new quote has been requested from Mitchell Plumbing and Heating and request quotes from local contractors.

            The Miner County Safety Manual will be reviewed at the December 6th meeting.

            The board reviewed information on insurance claims and payments.  Auditor Connor will meet with insurance agent Curt Neises to clarify and review these claims/payments.

            Having no further business, the meeting adjourned until December 6th.  Dated this 15th day of November, 2022.

    Alex Protsch, Chairman

                                                                                    Miner County Board of Commissioners

Attest:  Susan Connor, Miner County Auditor

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