June 6, 2023

June 6, 2023

The Miner County Board of Commissioners met in regular session on June 6, 2023 in the Miner County Courthouse Commission room.  Members present: Alex Protsch, Tom Reisch, Joe Bechen, Mike Clary and Kathy Faber. Absent:  none.  The flag pledge was recited.  Motion by Faber, seconded by Bechen and carried to approve the agenda.  Commissioner Faber reported she had attended the Miner County Ambulance board meeting.  She reported it is the intention of the ambulance board to replace the 1999 ambulance in three years.   No persons appeared for public comment.

            The minutes of the May 16th meeting were approved. 

The auditor’s account with the county treasurer showed a May 31, 2023 balance of $7,121,403.08 in all state, county, civil, school and trust accounts.

It was moved by Clary, seconded by Reisch and carried to authorize the auditor to pay the following claims:  Road & Bridge $41,475.97, Wellmark $56,542.11, Delta Dental $1,667.31, Kansas City Life $474.52, Retirement $6,884.33, OASI $9,604.46, Commissioners $4,655.25, Auditor $8,143.25, Treasurer $7,436.25, States Attorney $5,880.00, Govt Building $3,100.80, Director of Equalization $8,705.23, Register of Deeds $7,040.22, Vet Service $575.00, Sheriff $12,400.29, Coroner $75.00 (includes Josh Hahn at $75.00/call), Contract Law $4,098.35, Welfare $687.68, Co Nurse $1,473.50, Ambulance $9,272.13, WIC $100.00, Extension $1,473.50, Weed $1,446.50, Dispatch $12,207.36, Emergency Mgt $2,500.75 MAY PAYROLL; Darcy Laible $14.00, Tim Reisch $14.00 Tami Severson $14.00 PAYROLL TRAVEL; SDSU Extension $10,213.00 4-H PMT TO STATE; Alliance $150.00, Santel $55.12, Triotel $169.53 911 CHARGES; SD Dept of Legislative Audit $1,404.00 AUDITAvera Queen of Peace $130.00, Horizon Health Care $100.00 BLOOD DRAW; SD DOT $233.92 CONTRACTED MAINTENANCE; DeCastro Law Office $434.30 COURT APPT ATTY FEES; Ulteig $8,600.00 ENGINEERING; Sanitation Products $119,783.00 EQUIPMENT; HFCA $15,170.11, Sturdevant’s $144.14, Titan Machinery $880.00 FUEL; Emergency Safety Education $135.00 IN SERVICE EDUCATION; Co Employee $2,000.00, Co Employee $362.09, Co Employee $125.99 INSURANCE REIMBURSEMENT; Mark Neises $846.00 MOWING; Stamp Fulfillment Services $2,275.90 POSTAGE; Lake Co Sheriff’s Office $82.50 PRISONER CARE; Miner Co Pioneer $206.10 PUBLISHING; Dust-Tex $199.86, Microfilm Imaging $770.00, USPS $114.00 RENT; C&R Supply $4,912.33, Canova Service Center $962.49, Graham Tire Co $726.50, HFCA $71.87, John Deere Financial $74.29, Office Peeps $92.11, Prostrollo Auto Mall $60.00, Two Way Solutions $326.95, Ultra $1,761.00 REPAIRS; Brock White Co $348.45, Canova Service Center $9.35, HFCA $900.00, Kimball Midwest $444.92, Shane’s Hardware $31.96 ROAD MATERIALS; Kristian Ellendorf $900.00 STATE’S ATTY OFFICE ALLOWANCE; Relx Inc. $149.00 SUBSCRIPTIONS; Cummins Sales & Service $2,643.37, Dakota Fluid Power $18.34, Dust-Tex $257.85, HFCA $27,730.89, John Deere Financial $751.44, K&M Tire $954.00, Matheson Tri Gas $601.24, Miner Co Pioneer $51.25, Office Peeps $94.78, Tim Reisch $433.33, Rusty’s $83.38, Tami Severson $20.00, Shane’s Hardware $281.98, Sturdevant’s $997.28, Titan Machinery $61.75, Ultra $149.30, USPS $634.00 SUPPLIES; Alliance $952.02, AT&T $326.58, Susan Connor $30.00, Erin Feldhaus $30.00, Lori Kiehl $30.00, Tami Severson $30.00, Molly Steeneck $30.00, Verizon $93.90 TELEPHONE; Kari Jo Carlson $7.14, Jessica Charles $26.00, Michael Connor $9.18, Crossroads Hotel $278.97, Denise Gassman $14.28, Josh Hahn $80.00, Karla Neises $185.12, Gibi Page $8.16, Ramkota Hotel $232.00, SD Planners Assn $125.00, Kent Terwilliger $206.30 TRAVEL; Central Electric Coop $82.54, City of Howard $2,715.43, Northwestern Energy $524.31, Xcel Energy $16.43 UTILITIES.

Highway Superintendent Ron Krempges along with Trey Lester of Turn Key representing Summit Carbon Solutions joined the meeting.  Krempges reported that Summit Carbon Solutions is requesting the commission to approve the road haul agreements and the road crossing permits that will be needed for the proposed pipeline construction.  Lester stated that with the scope of this project, it would be beneficial to get these agreements approved prior to the PUC hearings.  At this time the road haul routes have not be provided to the county.  Reisch voiced his opinion that the board should wait until official approval from the PUC and to have the road haul routes in hand.  Faber also agreed with Reisch.  Bechen stated he would like to have those proposed routes so that both agreements could be considered at the same time.  Lester will work to get that information to the board.  No action was taken on the agreements.

Krempges reported they have received the truck which was purchased through the Volkswagan truck program.  This truck replaces the 2005 Sterling Truck and as required by the truck program, it must be made inoperable according to the program’s standards.  It was moved by Faber, seconded by Bechen and carried to declare surplus the 2005 Sterling Truck (T4) as it is no longer useful or suitable for its intended use and shall be delivered to a salvage yard to be in compliance with the Volkswagan Truck Program. 

Adams Township officials met with Krempges and Greg Vavra of SD LTAP to review the placement of the culverts associated with SD Rural Access Infrastructure program.  Hydrology studies would need to be completed if the culverts were not spaced far enough apart.  The township will make a decision on how to proceed.

County road ditch mowing will begin the week of June 12th and chip sealing of roads near Carthage will begin after July 4th. 

Krempges reported he has received the counts from the traffic counters placed north and south of Carthage on 425th Avenue.  Krempges requested the commission consider and pass the following resolution which would increase the load limit on 425th Ave from 80,000 gross weight to 100,000 gross weight.  This request is due to the posted bridge located west of Carthage.  It is planned to be replaced in 2024.

It was moved by Bechen and seconded by Faber to adopt the following resolution.


WHEREAS, excessive loads can be detrimental to our highways, and

WHEREAS, the Miner County Board of Commissioners desires to protect existing Miner County Highways, ultimately saving tax dollars and,

WHEREAS, the limits on Miner County highways shall be set with South Dakota Weight Limitations, with the exception of 425th Avenue (county road #17) between 220th Street and 233rd Street (SD Hwy 34) will be set as 100,000 lbs gross weight for any vehicle or combination vehicle until bridge project on 222nd St on west edge of Carthage has been completed and,

WHEREAS, seasonal spring thaw weight limitations will preside over such weight limitations when signs are in place and displayed and,

WHEREAS, the South Dakota Highway Patrol be and hereby is authorized and requested to enforce weight limitations on Miner County roads,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, that the penalty for the violation of the load restrictions shall be set forth in SDCL 32-22-55.

Voting aye:  Reisch, Bechen, Faber, Clary and Protsch.  Voting nay:  none.  Resolution adopted this 6th day of June, 2023 at Howard, South Dakota.

                                                            Alex Protsch, Chairman

                                                            Miner County Board of Commissioners

Attest:  Susan Connor, Miner County Auditor


            Miner County Treasurer, Jessica Charles reported that the following properties have been taken by tax deed:

                        Lot One, Block Seventeen, Canova Village OP, Miner County South Dakota

                        North half of Lot One, Block Thirty-one, OP of the Town of Canova, Miner County South Dakota

                        Lot Five, in Block Seven, Town of Canova, Miner County South Dakota

                        Lot 6, in Block, Seven, Town of Canova, Miner County South Dakota

                        The North Twenty-five feet of Lots Twenty-one and Twenty-two and Lot Thirty-two, in Block Thirteen, Town of Canova, Miner County South Dakota.


            After 180 days from the filing of the tax deeds, Charles will return to the commission to have the taxes abated and request a decision on disposal of the properties. 

            Director of Equalization Tami Severson presented the following plat for consideration.

            It was moved by Reisch and seconded by Bechen to adopt the following resolution.


            BE IT RESOLVED, by the Board of County Commissioners of Miner County, South Dakota, that the plat of LOT 1 of ESSER ADDITION TO THE SW ¼ OF SECTION 21, T 105 N, R 56 W OF THE 5TH P.M., MINER COUNTY, SOUTH DAKOTA, which has been submitted for examination pursuant to law, is hereby approved and

the County Auditor is hereby authorized and directed to endorse on such plat a copy of the Resolution and certify the same.

            Voting aye:  Clary, Faber, Bechen, Reisch, and Protsch.  Voting nay:  none.  Resolution adopted this 6th day of June, 2023.

                                                                                    Alex Protsch, Chairman

                                                                                    Miner County Board of Commissioners

Attest: Susan Connor, Miner County Auditor

            Register of Deeds Karla Neises and Kari Jo Carlson of Fidelity Abstract were present to review an issue with a description of a piece of property that has been platted by the owner.  This plat will be presented at the next commission meeting for the board’s consideration.

  It was moved by Faber, seconded by Bechen and carried to appoint Kari Jo Carlson to serve as an alternate planning & zoning board member, effective immediately.  The commission thanked Carlson for agreeing to serve Miner County in this capacity.

A letter from Vanessa Walter requesting use of the 4-H grounds for the annual Fall Festival was reviewed.   It was moved by Reisch, seconded by Clary and carried to allow the use of the 4-H grounds and approve the beer and wine tasting booth contingent on the festival providing a certificate of insurance. 

            DOE Severson reported on the SD Dept. of Revenue’s request for the county GIS parcel data.  Severson will reply to the request indicating the commission’s requirements for use of the data.

            The board was made aware of the dates for Miner County’s 2023 Achievement Days July 31-August 2nd.  As a commission meeting is scheduled for August 1st at 9:00, the board will consider a time/date change for the meeting at the June 20th commission meeting.

            Ambulance Manager Cora Schwader informed those present that the annual dispatch meeting will be held on June 15th at 7:00 p.m. in the commission room of the Miner County Courthouse.

            Having no further business, the meeting adjourned until June 20th.  Dated this 6th day of June, 2023.

                                                                                    Alex Protsch, Chairman

                                                                                    Miner County Board of Commissioners

Attest:  Susan Connor, Miner County Auditor

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