March 17, 2015


March 17, 2015

The Miner County Board of Commissioners met in regular session March 17, 2015, in the Miner County Courthouse.  Members present:  Garrett Gassman, Roger Wentland, Voni Durant, Tom Reisch and Alex Protsch.  Absent:  none.  Chairman Wentland called the meeting to order.  The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

                It was moved by Durant, seconded by Protsch and carried to approve the agenda.  The minutes of the March 3rd meeting were approved. 

                Commissioners acknowledged receipt of the following correspondence:  East Dakota Water Development District February 17th meeting minutes; and Miner County Conservation District November 2014 minutes. 

                It was moved by Durant and seconded by Reisch to adopt the following resolution.



                WHEREAS, insufficient appropriation was made in the 2015 budget for the following department to discharge just obligation of said appropriation; and

                WHEREAS, SDCL 7-21-32.2 provides that transfers may be made by resolution of the board from the contingency appropriation established pursuant to SDCL 7-21-6.1 to other appropriations;

                THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the appropriation be transferred from contingency to Coroner $1000.  Voting aye:  Protsch, Reisch, Gassman, Durant and Wentland.  Voting nay:  none.  Resolution approved this 17th day of March 2015. 

                                                                                                Roger Wentland, Chairman

                                                                                                Miner County Board of Commissioners

Attest:  Susan R. Connor, Miner County Auditor


                It was moved by Protsch, seconded by Gassman and carried to authorize the auditor to make an operating transfer as provided for in the 2015 budget from the General Fund to the Road & Bridge Fund, $300,000.

                It was moved by Durant, seconded by Gassman and carried to authorize the chairman to sign the memo of understanding between Miner County and SDSU Extension for 4-H and youth development within Miner County. 

                Jerry Adler came before the board representing the Miner County Recreation Association.  He made a request for funds to support area youth summer activities.  It was moved by Gassman, seconded by Durant and carried to disburse recreation grant funds as follows:  $1250 to Miner County Recreation; $1250 to Canova Summer Youth Recreation; $500 to Canova Community Improvement Fund; $1000 to the City of Carthage. 

                Miner County Welfare Director informed the board of a pending poor relief case.  Once more information is received this case will be placed on a future agenda for consideration. 

                It was moved by Reisch, seconded by Protsch and carried to adopt the change to the Miner County personnel policy for vacation accrual based on years of service.  Employees will receive an employment policy update with their next payroll. 

                Highway Superintendent Ron Krempges informed the board that spring load limits were put in place as of last week.  Other highway matters were also discussed.

                Bill Donner of Donnerite addressed the board as to the process used when placing valuations on new construction.  His company has plans to add on to the existing commercial building and to build a new separate structure.    Director of Equalization Tami Severson explained the different options available to value properties.  She also informed Mr. Donner that Miner County has adopted a discretionary formula for values greater than $30,000 of new commercial buildings or additions to existing commercial structures.

Claims allowed: Alliance $300.00 911 charges; Lammers Kleibacker $1,346.30 child defense attorneys; ICAP $603.08 community action payment; Childrens Care Corner $6,000.00 day care centers grant; Assn of SD Co Weed & Pest Boards $150.00 dues; Xcel Energy $13.95 electric service; Cora Schwader $329.00 equipment below capitalization; HFCA $3,029.51, Stan Houston Equipment $22.68, Sturdevant’s $20.49 fuel; Lexis Nexis $258.00 law books; Mark Katterhagen $15.00, KCH Law $95.47, Lewis & Clark Behavioral Health $160.00, Lucy Lewno $150.49, Karen Swanda $15.00 mental illness hearing expense; SD Assn Co Commissioners $488.00 poor relief catastrophic poor fund; Miner Co Treasurer $8.79 postage; Lake Co Sheriff’s Office $3,055.00 prisoner care; Aramark $53.90, Bierschbach $381.00 rent; Election Systems & Software $3,264.00, Homestead $144.99, HFCA $34.00, Office Peeps $127.98, Sheehan Mack $309.80, Sturdevant’s $90.02, Wingen’s Garage $18.00, Zoll Medical Corp $2,417.00 repairs;  Assn of SD Co Weed & Pest Boards $50.25, Dust-Tex $114.98, GCR Tire Centers $468.01, Homestead Building Supply $217.78, HFCA $41.42, Midwest Boiler Repair $108.00, Miner Co Treasurer $100.00, Karla Neises $13.77, Office Peeps $416.26, Rusty’s $47.68, Cora Schwader $115.54, Sheehan Mack $85.80, Stan Houston Equipment $200.43, Sturdevant’s $1,414.71, Titan Machinery $40.00, Tom’s Hardware $29.99, True North Steel $212.50, Wheelco $294.62 supplies; Alliance Communications $32.00, AT&T $45.98, Verizon Wireless $69.06 telephone; Jennifer Bolden $24.00, Susan Connor $46.62, Justina Hanson $24.00, Stacey McCoy $154.98, Cora Schwader $116.28 travel; SD Dept. of Health Lab Service $35.00 blood alcohol testing.

                The meeting adjourned to April 7, 2015.  Dated this 17th day of March, 2015.

                                                                Roger Wentland, Chairman

                                                                Miner County Board of Commissioners

Attest:  Susan Connor, Miner County Auditor



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